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The Mercer Foundation provides a variety of services for children including:


Healthy Eating



Our Mission
Community Garden

Healthy Youth Program

The Mercer Foundation is also very passionate about helping children grow to be healthy. This includes their mind, body, soul, and spirit and the organization works to provide opportunities for children to enhance their development and grow!

The Mercer Foundation works to feed, motivate and mentor children living and going to school in Nash and Edgecombe County, NC. Alongside churches, community centers, schools and civic leaders, the organization provides healthy meals, mentoring and tutoring to children being reared in high risk environments.


As part of our mission, The Mercer Foundation holds a monthly food distribution to provide underprivileged children and families with peace of mind and a variety of food options to fuel their growing bodies. Families are given a food box that consists of canned goods, dry goods, meat, fresh fruit, and vegetables. The distribution takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1:00-2:00 pm at Thornes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. 

Food Pantry

Begin today by requesting information about our program.

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