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The Mercer Foundation provides a variety of services for veterans including:



Health Services

Vocational Training


Our Mission
Image by Jon Tyson

Tri-County Veterans Home

Tri-County Veterans Home is a standard home facility that will be located in the Tri-County region of North Carolina in a neatly renovated and secured housing facility. Our home is specifically designed and equipped with the needed accommodations to give comfort and security to all our residence and a place where all veterans with disabilities can be productive.

Tri-County Veterans Home is a program offered by The Mercer Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a healthy community by providing nourishing services and honorable assistance to disadvantaged veterans and children through partnerships and programs. The organization believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence and success with uncompromising services and integrity. We are certain that our values will help us help you.

The Tri-County Veterans Home is a health conscious and veteran oriented home with a service culture that is deeply rooted in the fabric of our organizational structure.

Begin today by requesting information about The Mercer Foundation and the Tri-County Veterans Home.

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