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We care about helping our community and it takes volunteers and teamwork to make that happen. If you would like to be a part of the work at The Mercer Foundation, reach out to us, get involved.

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There is always something to do. We appreciate any time you can give.

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We are always in need for supplies and even donation helps. Email or call for a list of needs.

The Mercer Foundation, Inc. (TMF) creates community impact by:


Building a Supportive Community: TMF believes in fostering an environment where homeless veterans and disadvantaged children and their families feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and support.

Engaging individuals Holistically: TMF’s approach recognizes the nature of veteran’s and children’s and people’s needs and seeks to address them.

Empowering Permanent Life Change: TMF is dedicated to offering resources and assistance that leads to lasting, positive change in the lives of those it serves.

Simply put, TMF’s commitment to service the community is built upon and deeply rooted in compassion and faith.

Want to know more? Visit TMFs website at

Key lived experiences, attributes, and skillsets for current part-time TMF staff members:

1.      All in on the TMF’s mission, values, and beliefs, exhibiting a deep-rooted compassion and empathy for the clients served by TMF

2.      Detailed-oriented staff members with significant experience in budget management and fiscal oversight

3.      Listener focused on understanding then responding to community problems and issues

4.      Creative, innovative, and visionary thinkers

5.      Experience in nonprofit leadership, work experience in the faith-based services field

6.      Compassion for and experience with those who have experienced homelessness, food insecurity, and/or trauma

7.      Experience casting a vision, building a strategy, and leading the successful execution of a plan

8.      Inspiring communicators who motivate Board members, donors, partner agencies, government allies, and volunteers

9.      Relationship builders

10.   Collaborative problem solvers who are available to every client, staff member, and volunteer, regardless of organizational rank and social status

11.   Knowledge of human resource functions with direct experience in structuring, hiring, onboarding, and continually building a skilled and professional team

12.   Effective decision-makers who understands when it is time to build consensus and when it is time to act

13.   Effective fundraisers with a proven track record of successful grant writing and relationship building with individual donors, philanthropic funders, government agencies, and corporate partners

14.   Experience developing and articulating a strategic communications plan to move beyond programmatic outputs and to share stories of positive life outcomes for the clients served by TMF

15.   Commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in a family-friendly workplace

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